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Laser Cladding Head

Laser cladding falls into the group of processes commonly known as hard-facing.   The laser cladding process is a method of applying a fully dense, metallurgically bonded and virtually pure coating which can be used to increase the wear resistance, corrosion resistance or impact performance of metallic components. In some cases, all three of the properties can be improved.


The process utilises a precisely focussed high power laser beam to create a weld pool into which a metallic powder is applied. The powder, which is carried by a stream of inert shielding gas, is blown coaxially through the laser beam.


The highly accurate nature of the laser beam allows fully dense cladding with minimal dilution (<5%), yet with a perfect metallurgical bond.


The Metallisation MET-CLAD system offers control and integration of the entire cladding process.  The system offers control of the process gases, cooling system, laser, powder feed and automation interface safely via an intuitive, touch-screen interface.

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